Tuesday, February 10, 2015

CASAA Podcast Update February 9, 2015

CASAA Podcast Update February 9, 2015:

CASAA's Jan Johnson and Julie Woessner discuss legislative- and advocacy-related matters of current interest to CASAA members and THR (tobacco harm reduction) advocates.

1:00 – Alex Clark, representing consumer interests, attended a meeting in California where members of SoCal SFATA discussed strategy and committed funds to battle against lies and propaganda being spread by governmental agencies.

1:40 – Rundown of the most recent Calls to Action (which we expect to be updating to include additional legislation):

  • Nevada (30% wholesale tax).
  • Maryland (hearing Wednesday, 2/11/15, on including e-cigarettes in the smoking ban.
  • Indiana - several bills, and a shout-out to the Indiana vapers and vendors who have stepped up to the plate to battle against anti-e-cigarette legislation.
  • Vermont (flavor ban).
  • Oregon - several bills, including a bill that would include e-cigarettes in the smoking ban (hearing 2/10/15).
  • Alaska recently updated to note that there is a hearing on Wednesday, 2/11/15, regarding where e-cigarettes can be used.
If you live in one of these states and have not received an email from CASAA, it's either because you have not become a CASAA member or the email might be inappropriately being labeled as spam by your spam filter.

Expect to issue Calls to Action for Hawaii, Connecticut, Washington, New Hampshire, Ohio, Kentucky, Utah, and California. 

5:30 - Unconfirmed report that a proposed tax hike on smokeless tobacco in Wyoming failed in committee. (CASAA is a THR organization, representing consumers of ALL low-risk alternatives to smoking, and we advocate for users of smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other noncombustible nicotine products.)

6:40 - HuffPost Live 2/9/15 interview with Michael Siegel, Julie Woessner, and Christian Warren.

8:30 - Discussion on advertising issues and why consumers should not agree to advertising restrictions similar to those currently in place for tobacco products.

10:45 - Discussion of general ANTZ issues, followed by an explanation of why some of the more "technical" Calls to Action (e.g., opposing legislation that would require vendors to obtain tobacco licenses or permits) matter.  For example, in Iowa, the Attorney General has taken the position that permits/licenses cannot be granted for online sales since there is no mechanism to grant a permit/license for online sales for tobacco products. This is in spite of the fact that e-cigarettes are NOT classified as a tobacco product for state-law purposes.

15:00 - Discussion of taxes, Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), and revenue-seeking legislators.

1:00 - Submit your testimonial for the CASAA Testimonials Project

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