Monday, February 9, 2015

Nevada Call to Action! SB 79 would impose a 30% wholesale tax on vapor products

Please take action now to tell your representatives in the Nevada State Legislature that taxing life saving vapor products is bad policy!

A new bill (SB 79) would tax all products containing “liquid nicotine” at 30% of wholesale price, the same rate that Nevada applies to combustible tobacco products like cigars and loose tobacco.  By raising the price of these smoke-free products, enactment of SB 79 would send a confusing message to Nevada’s 400,000+ current smokers that vaping is as harmful as combustible products taxed at a similar rate.  As a result, less smokers will be inclined to try these low-risk alternatives and will continue to smoke.

The Senate Committee on Revenue & Economic Development has been scheduled for a hearing on SB 79 for Thursday, February 12th at 3:30 pm. There are two ways that you can attend and/or testify at the hearing:
  1. Room 1214 of the State Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St. in Carson City; or
  2. Via video conference in Room 4412E of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., in Las Vegas.  
CASAA strongly encourages its Nevada members to participate in this hearing.

Please take action NOW to oppose this bill. We recommend sending an email through our engagement system, and then submitting the text of that email as a formal comment on the Legislature’s website.

We expect additional bills to be introduced this year, including bills to tax vapor products like cigarettes, to add vaping to Nevada’s smoking prohibitions, and a bill dealing with youth access. CASAA will update its Nevada members when these bills are ready for action.

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