Sunday, February 1, 2015

Virginia Call to Action: Oppose HB 2036 - A Labeling and Packaging law that would impact consumer choice

(Updated 2/2/2015)

Earlier today, the House Agriculture Sub-Committee recommended that the full Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources take a vote on HB 2036.  Now is the time for all vapers to contact these committee members and ask that they oppose HB 2036 unless significant changes are made.

Virginia House Bill 2036 is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, February 2nd at 4:00 p.m., 7th Floor West Conference Room in the House Agriculture Sub-Committee.  HB 2036 would require all “liquid nicotine” sold in Virginia to be contained in Child-Resistant Packaging (CRP) as well as require specific warning labels.  These regulations are to be developed by the Board of Agriculture.

Although CASAA is generally supportive of CRP, we strongly recommend that this regulation be implemented at the national level.At the very least, these laws must be developed in a manner that is consistent with existing federal law (e.g. the Poison Prevention Packaging Act) and does not give unelected state officials the power to issue further regulations that impact the sale of these harm reduction. HB 2036 fails the second part of this test.  

CASAA is strongly opposed to any labeling requirements by states.  These are best implemented at the national level in order to prevent a patchwork of state regulation that creates barriers to interstate trade and limits adult access to the variety of vapor products.

Please take action now to oppose this bill

Oppose HB 2036 - Send an Email

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