Sunday, March 8, 2015

Leesburg, FL - Local Alert: City Commissioners to consider resolution urging retailers to stop selling flavored smoke-free tobacco products - Concluded

(Updated 5-5-15: City Council rejected resolution on a vote of 4-1. Local Alert concluded favorably.)

Leesburg, FL

A resolution has been introduced that urges Leesburg retailers to stop selling flavored tobacco products.  Although vapor products may not currently be defined in the city code as “tobacco”, the resolution refers to “...all other kinds and forms of tobacco” including low-risk smokeless tobacco.  This resolution is on the agenda for MONDAY, March 9th at 5:30 PM.
City Hall
501 W. Meadow Street,
Leesburg, FL

Although as a resolution this will not effectively ban sales of flavored smoke-free products like e-cigarettes, the trend in local and state government is to simply alter the definition of “tobacco” to include vapor products.  That being the case, the Leesburg Commissioners should be educated as to the role that flavors play in helping adult smokers transition away from traditional cigarettes.  Please take this opportunity to attend the hearing and comment on this resolution.

Please also take a moment to send an email to the city commissioners.  Contact info and talking points are below.

Leesburg City Commission
City Commissioners

Al Minner
(City Manager)
(352) 728-9786
ext. 1100
Michael Rankin
(Assistant City Manger)

City Phone Directory:


Comma delimited email list:,,

Thank you,


1). We know from a recent surveys that adults prefer flavors other than traditional tobacco and menthol (, (

2). Flavors are an important aspect of vapor products as they help former smokers disassociate nicotine consumption from inhaling smoke.

3).  Prohibiting flavor options creates a barrier to becoming smoke free and, as a result many, adult residents will actually be encouraged to continue smoking instead of making the switch to a product that is estimated to be 99% less hazardous than smoking.

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