Monday, April 27, 2015

CASAA Podcast Update April 27, 2015

CASAA's Jan Johnson and Alex Clark discuss legislative- and advocacy-related matters of current interest to CASAA members and THR (tobacco harm reduction) advocates.

1:50 – Indiana: Huge push to get consumers to send emails to the governor demanding a veto of HB 1432, a bill that will destroy the vaping industry in Indiana.

2:45 – Massachusetts: Carl Phillips and Karen Carey testified in Boston re Massachusetts Attorney General’s proposed regulation of e-cigarettes. Attorney General seems interested in working with stakeholders to craft reasonable regulations. (The Massachusetts Call to Action has been updated to include a link to the written testimony submitted by CASAA.)

6:15 – Minnesota: CASAA Call to Action as well as MNVA Call to Action re tax in HF 848.

7:35 – Hawaii: HB 940 passed, banning e-cigarette use wherever smoking is prohibited. Shout out to Hawaii Vapers United, which did a phenomenal job organizing and building web tools to enable people to participate. Still more legislation in the pipeline.

15:25 – Several local alerts –

  • Montgomery County, MD (e-cigarette tax) (Tuesday, 4-28-15)
  • Denver, CO (sample ban) (Tuesday, 4-28-15)
  • Several Florida municipalities – Orange City (Tuesday, 4-28-15), Port St. Lucie (Monday 4-27-15). Florida is problematic in that municipalities are preempted from passing tougher smoking laws than the state, but there is no similar preemption for e-cigarettes.
  • (Editor's note - two local alerts issued after the podcast aired: Clark County, WA and Methuen, MA.)

24:00 – Second FDA Workshop Call to Action. The Call to Action was crafted to give instructions for a relatively simple comment as well as instructions for those who are more inspired and wish to offer more detailed comments.

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