Thursday, May 7, 2015

Minnesota Call to Action: Oppose an unjustifiable tax hike on vapor products (HF 848 Amendment)

(Update - 05.21.15)

With a special thanks to Minnesota Vapers Advocacy, CASAA is pleased to conclude this call to action favorably. The Minnesota Legislature has concluded its regular session without successfully passing any legislation that would negatively impact vapor consumers.

MNVA has issued a thoughtful End of Session Call to Action on this issue that we’re encouraging Minnesota advocates to take advantage of.

Again, thank you, Minnesota advocates, for taking action and helping protect consumer access to low-risk vapor products.

(Update - 05.08.15)

HF 848 has moved to conference committee.  The members of this committee were named this week and now is the time to express opposition to the vapor tax portion of this bill.

Article 7 of HF 848 contains sections that would raise the tax on e-liquid to 30 cents per milliliter and extend the current 95% wholesale tax to devices.  Although this doesn’t sound like a lot, it is a substantial increase from the current tax imposed on e-liquid in Minnesota.  If adopted, this would be the largest state tax on vapor products in the country.

Please take action NOW by sending members of the conference committee a message urging them to remove this harmful and irresponsible tax from HF 848.

H/t to MNVA for the update.
** If you are a member of MNVA or any other state THR Advocacy association, please include that in the closing of your email as well.

After you’ve sent your email,  please take a moment to follow up with a phone call.

HF 848 Conference Committee Phone List
Rod Skoe
(651) 296-4196
Paul Gazelka
(651) 296-4875
Lyle Koenen
(651) 296-5094
Ann Rest
(651) 296-2889
Kari Dziedzic
(651) 296-7809
Chris Swedzinski
(651) 296-5374
Steve Drazkowski
(651) 296-2273
Greg Davids
(651) 296-9278
Bob Barrett
(651) 296-5377
Ann Lynczewski
(651) 296-4218

(Writing Tip #1) If you have a lot to say, please craft your email in a separate word doc and then copy/paste it into the field provided.  If you take too long, they system will time out and you will lose your work.
(Writing Tip #2) Although we've provided a prewritten email with compelling talking points, we would strongly encourage you to edit the email because personalized communications to legislators are far more persuasive than form letters.  At a minimum, PLEASE INSERT YOUR PERSONAL STORY (just a few sentences) in the text of your email

The vapor tax* language from HF 2182 has been added to an amendment that will be offered in the House Taxes Committee for HF 848.  Public testimony will be heard.

This hearing is scheduled for
12:00 PM

If adopted, this amendment would:
  • Enact a 30 cent per milliliter tax on eliquid*
  • Include devices and hardware in the state’s definition of “tobacco products.”

Please take action NOW by sending a message** to your state representative urging them to oppose this amendment.

*Currently the tax on e-liquid in Minnesota is a 95% wholesale tax on nicotine.  By altering the statute to tax the “consumable product” instead of just the nicotine contained in e-liquid, makes this is a huge increase.

** If you are a member of MNVA or any other state THR Advocacy association, please include that in the closing of your email as well.

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