Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CASAA Podcast Update May 25, 2015

CASAA's Jan Johnson and Alex Clark discuss legislative- and advocacy-related matters of current interest to CASAA members and THR (tobacco harm reduction) advocates. 

1: 10 - Florida, Hawaii, Colorado, Vermont, Missouri, Minnesota have all adjourned their legislative sessions.  This week, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Illinois will be ending their sessions. We received credible information that Kansas and Ohio were potentially at risk for an e-cigarette tax proposal, but that is appearing unlikely in Kansas given that its legislative session is ending this week. Ohio, however, will remain in session until December, so continued vigilance is warranted. Calls to Action have been issued for both Kansas and Ohio, and Ohio residents especially are urged to respond.

3:40 – Call to Action issued for Texas requesting that the governor veto SB 97. While we support bans on sales to minors, there are many troubling provisions in this bill, including online sales requirements that will impact consumers.

6:45 – We’ve seen some bills this year that would appear to violate the commerce clause, including Indiana. Oregon and New York proposed legislation are also potentially problematic in this regard. (For a discussion of commerce clause issues, click here.)

8:30 – 26 states have adjourned for 2015, but there is still plenty to do, including municipal challenges.

9:40 – Federal Call to Action asking for support of HR 2058. We have more than 5,800 people who have responded, but we need much better participation. Last week, we saw several new co-sponsors for the bill.


12:15 – California – Save Lives Coalition has filed two ballot initiatives, one of which would raise the tax on cigarettes by $2.00 a pack, and the other which would extend that tax to e-cigarettes. Over the next several months, there will be people soliciting signatures for petitions in order to get an initiative on the ballot. Californians need to register to vote and NOT sign any petitions. Moreover, do not engage with anyone asking for you to sign a petition. It is not unheard of for the people soliciting signatures to misrepresent the nature of the initiative or to carry petitions for several different initiatives, so we are strongly recommending that members not sign any petitions in California for the next several months.

16:30 –Call to Action re FDA Workshops is still active.

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