Sunday, May 17, 2015

Denver, CO - Local Alert: Ban on Free Samples heads to final consideration

Denver, CO

Council Bill CB15-0268 is scheduled for final consideration at the next city council hearing
Room 451
City & County Building
Denver CO 80202

Council Bill CB15-0268 would deceptively alter the city’s definition of “tobacco product” to include electronic cigarettes for the purposes of prohibiting free samples.  Moreover, this bill would repeal the section of Denver’s Municipal Code that exempts retail shops from the ban on free samples.

Not only will this affect how retailers conduct business in Denver, it will have an impact on any tradeshows that might be held within the city limits.

Please take a moment to email and call council members.  We have provided contact information and talking points below.

Please plan to attend this hearing.  Please see here for guidelines for speaking at public hearings.

Denver, CO - City Council
Susan K. Shepherd
(720) 337-7701
Jeanne Faatz
(720) 337-2222
Paul D. López
(720) 337-3333
Peggy Lehmann
(720) 337-4444
Mary Beth Susman
Charlie Brown
(720) 337-6666
Chris Nevitt
(720) 337-7777
Albus Brooks
(720) 337-8888
Judy H. Montero
(President Pro-tem)
(720) 337-7709
Jeanne Robb
(720) 337-7710
Christopher Herndon
At large
Robin Kniech
(720) 337-7712
At large
Deborah Ortega
(720) 337-7713
Council Aide
Susan Aldretti

Council Aide
Jack Paterson

Comma delimited email list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Suggested Talking Points - Sample Ban

  1. New Customers require expert instruction from retailers.  “Try Before You Buy” is crucial to helping new customers make informed decisions about these innovative products.
  2. Free samples to adult customers gives vapor products a competitive benefit to traditional cigarettes that existing smokers are familiar with and less likely to switch away from (see aforementioned comment about intimidating new products).
  3. Flavors play an vital role in helping people transition to smoke-free products like e-cigarettes.  It is important that consumers have the ability to sample the wide variety of flavors in order to find the ones that work best for them.  It is not uncommon for new vapor consumers to discover that they enjoy flavors other than traditional tobacco during this process.

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