Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monterey Park, CA - Local Alert: Extension of Moratorium on new vapor shops to be considered by city council

Monterey Park, CA

The City Council will be considering an extension to the city’s current moratorium on the establishment of new vapor retail shops in the city of Monterey Park.  The moratorium has been in effect since April 1st, 2015 and will expire on May 16th.

Please attend this hearing
Monterey Park City Hall
Council Chambers

Please take action NOW by sending a message and calling council members urging them to oppose the extension of the city’s moratorium on the establishment of vapor retail shops.  We have provided contact information and some simple talking points below.

Monterey Park, CA - City Countil
Hans Liang
Mayor Pro Tem
Peter Chan

Mitchell Ing

Teresa Real Sebastian

Stephen Lam

Comma delimited email list:
hliang@montereypark.ca.gov, pchan@montereypark.ca.gov, ming@montereypark.ca.gov, trealsebastian@montereypark.ca.gov, slam@montereypark.ca.gov

Talking points:

  • Tell them you are a resident of Monterey Park.  If you are not a resident, mention any connection you have to the city (e.g. work, friends, family, etc.).
  • Share your story about how vaping has helped you quit or significantly reduce smoking.
  • Share any benefits you have experienced as a result.
  • Inform your councilors that access to vapor retail establishments is a vital component to your remaining smoke free.  For others, the expert instruction and community support they receive at these retail establishments is crucial to their transition to a smoke-free lifestyle.
  • Ask for clarification as to why the city council seems intent on protecting access to combustible cigarettes.

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