Wednesday, December 16, 2015

National Call to Action! Stop the FDA from banning nearly ALL vapor products from the market!

Update - 12.16.15

Overnight, an agreement was reached regarding the final language of the omnibus budget bill. Sadly, the provision that would have protected consumer access to vapor products was not included. However, this is by no means the end of our efforts to prevent the harm that will result if the FDA deeming regulations are finalized in the spring of 2016. In fact, this is a great opportunity to urge Congress to support HR 2058.

As we move forward, CASAA members and vapers everywhere should keep in mind that even in the worst case scenario of FDA deeming regulations being approved, there will likely be a grace period of two years (21 months) before the agency promises to start enforcing the rule. In that time, we are anticipating many threats to consumer access to e-cigarettes and other low-risk, smoke-free products at the state and local levels.

In advance of the 2016 legislative season, please urge your friends and family to join CASAA. Please urge your favorite retailer to display CASAA materials and educate their staff on the issues we are facing. There are millions of vapor consumers in the US, all of whom must become engaged if we hope to preserve access to these life-saving products.


Original Post - 11.23.15

A provision (Sec. 747) in this year’s budget bill could save the U.S. vapor industry from being destroyed by the overbearing and burdensome FDA premarket application process.

CASAA is asking members to voice support for a provision in this year’s budget bill that would change the grandfather date for products that are about to be subject to the FDA’s tobacco regulations. This provision would essentially include the Cole bill language -- HR 2058 -- and require the FDA to move the grandfather date to the effective date of the final regulation.

Without a change in the February 2007 grandfather date, more than 99% of vapor products currently on the market will be gone within two years. This is not hyperbole. The cost of obtaining premarket approvals with the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products is intentionally prohibitive, and all indications are that there will be no significant exemptions made for vapor products.

If Congress does not act to change the grandfather date established by the Tobacco Control Act, the wide variety of vapor products that adult smokers have come to rely on to live smoke-free will be swept off the market.

Make no mistake about it--our usual opponents are hard at work in Washington, D.C. lobbying to have this provision removed.

Even if you’ve taken action before, your voice is needed now.

Please take action NOW by contacting your
Representative and Senators!

We highly recommend sending an email AND making a call

(Writing Tip #1) If you have a lot to say, please craft your email in a separate word doc and then copy/paste it into the field provided.  If you take too long, they system will time out and you will lose your work.

(Writing Tip #2) Although we've provided a prewritten email with compelling talking points, we would strongly encourage you to edit the email because personalized communications to legislators are far more persuasive than form letters.  At a minimum, PLEASE INSERT YOUR PERSONAL STORY (just a few sentences) in the text of your email.

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