Wednesday, February 10, 2016

GA - Oppose HB 907 which would destroy the Georgia vapor industry.

A bill -- HB 907 -- has been introduced which would impose devastating licensing and manufacturing requirements on the entire Georgia vapor industry, from producers of e-liquid to retailers. In no uncertain terms, passage of this bill would mean the end of consumer access to the diverse vapor market in Georgia and beyond. It is fair to say that this is likely the most destructive, most poorly written piece of legislation we will see this year.

If this bill passes in Georgia,
We will likely see this toxic legislation spread to other states!

To make matters worse, it is suspected that proponents of this bill have been working behind the scenes for months shopping this bill around to lawmakers and supporters. They are also likely taking advantage of the short 2016 legislative session which means this bill could move lightning fast through the legislative process which ends on March 31st!

If you have benefitted from the wide variety of vapor products
Produced in and outside of Georgia,
You must TAKE ACTION NOW to defend your access.

This bill is practically a carbon-copy of legislation that was passed in Indiana in 2015 which threatens to all but completely wipe out the diverse vapor industry in the state. If it is not defeated, it is likely that vapor industry stakeholders will have no choice but to initiate a costly legal battle just to remain open.

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